Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are many Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers though out the State of Georgia. As a Former Prosecutor, we understand the Atlanta Criminal Justice System and the process of which people who are arrested in Atlanta for a crime are going to go through.

For individuals in Atlanta who have been accused of a crime they need to speak to an qualified attorney as soon as possible. The Howard Law Group are aggressive litigators who KNOW the system, who can help you beat back charges like DUI, white collar crimes, federal crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, juvenile crime, drug crimes, theft and shoplifting, murder and vehicular manslaughter, firearms and gun offenses, misdemeanors and probation violations.

The Howard Law Group makes the process easy with the help of Atlanta criminal defense lawyers who has been a Former Prosecutor. Bryan Howard takes clients’ need to seal or completely remove criminal record seriously. We appreciate the impact a record, even when not found guilty, can make on your professional and personal life. For juveniles, together with those who were arrested and convicted, this may become even more critical. If your case qualifies, we work hard to ensure records and database information is destroyed in accordance with Georgia state law.

The Howard Law Group has team of aggressive litigators and Atlanta criminal defense lawyers who understand that every criminal case is unique and reaching to the right and the best possible options to resolve criminal legal matter is the sole motive of these professionals. We fight aggressively on your behalf after determining the course of action. In case there is a weakness in the argument of prosecution, Atlanta Criminal defense lawyer will attack it relentlessly. In addition to this, our lawyers will also structure arguments to defend against what they perceive to be weaknesses in cases.

In due course, our Atlanta criminal defense lawyer will also endow you with the help you need. If anyone is facing criminal charges, it is critical to consult with an experienced criminal law attorney that you will find at the Howard Law Group. We possess the knowledge, experience, successful history and passion for helping client. So don’t waste your time, come to us and get the right assistance from our Atlanta criminal defense lawyer.

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