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Atlanta Sexual battery — sometimes referred to as sexual assault — and other sex crimes carry some of the harshest penalties of any crimes committed in the United States. This is especially true in Atlanta, where sentences for a sex crime conviction often result in mandatory 25 years to life prison sentences.

Sexual battery involves threatening, coercing or forcing a person to engage in a sexual act against his or her will, or sexual touching without consent of the person being touched. Rape, inappropriate touching, forced kissing, child sexual abuse and sexual torture may incur sexual battery charges.

The Howard Law Group are aggressive litigators that get proven results in sexual battery cases and other serious criminal matters.

The Howard Law Groups serves as the powerful advocates and expert criminal defense attorneys that our clients need when sex crime allegations threaten their freedom and their reputation.

Defending an Atlanta Sexual Assualt

  • Whether the alleged contact was consensual
  • Whether the alleged contact was intentional
  • The mental and physical age of the person involved
  • Whether or not a foreign object is alleged to have been used in the crime

As soon our services are retained, we do everything in our power to get sexual battery charges dismissed or reduced. We will take your case to a trial if it is necessary to protect your rights. If an appeal becomes necessary, we have the resources and experience to continue to defend you at the appellate level.

At any stage of your case, our accomplished and skilled Atlanta-based sexual assault defense attorneys will fight for you and ensure you have a trusted advocate on your side.

Consult with an Atlanta Sex Crime Defense Lawyer.

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