Tax Fraud Lawyers Atlanta

Atlanta Tax Fraud is simply defrauding the local and sometimes the federal government by not paying taxes owed.

Tax fraud is a general term which can trigger many different laws found in Title 26 (the Internal Revenue Code) and Title 18 of the United States Code (or “USC”).

Tax fraud often involves federal charges also, but state criminal and civil charges could be just as damaging to your finances, reputation and criminal record. Additional charges, such as embezzlement, money laundering, corruption, tax evasion or bank fraud, may lead to an extremely complex defense case, heavy penalties and possible prison sentencing.

In most cases, government investigators and prosecutors will have been building a case against a suspected tax fraudster for years before the individual or business is even aware of it. Tax audits may lead to criminal tax fraud investigations involving state, federal and international accounts and tax filings.

As a Former Prosecutor we can tell you that the State will come at you heavy. At the Howard Law Group, we handle a wide range of tax fraud problems for clients, including individual taxpayers, bookkeepers, accountants, businesses and corporations. Our Atlanta-based tax fraud defense attorneys are aggressive litigators and use resources compiled to provide you with the best possible defense of your rights, reputation, assets and freedoms. We have represented clients throughout Georgia and across the United States in the face of IRS, FBI and state investigations.

Tax fraud is essentially defrauding the U.S. Treasury or the state’s department of revenue, and civil and criminal penalties of conviction are severe. Common fraud schemes include:

  • Intentionally filing false tax returns
  • Failing to identify the sources of income
  • Structuring cash deposits to avoid the filing of currency transaction reports (CTRs)
  • Intentionally hiding or avoiding paying taxes on taxable income (tax evasion)
  • During a criminal or civil investigation, we work diligently to protect our clients against illegal search and seizure, account seizure, levies, asset forfeiture, tax liens and offers of compromise. We protect our clients’ reputations and handle all legal aspects of their cases in an effort to allow them to focus on keeping their personal and business lives as calm as possible.

A tax fraud investigation and criminal charges can wreak havoc on your life and cause significant financial problems on top of existing issues. It is critical to seek legal tax relief solutions with the personal assistance of an experienced and accomplished criminal defense attorney in any case.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or has pending charges on local or federal tax fraud, contact the Howard Law Group ASAP. These charges will not go away themselves. You will need a qualified Atlanta Tax Lawyer right away.


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