Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys

When being arrested on a Criminal Charge in Atlanta, you will need an Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney who was once a Former Prosecutor and understands the system. Criminal Charges can be complex, confusing, and stressful.

Howard Law Group is a highly-respected Georgia criminal defense law firm serving Atlanta Metro Area’s. Our Attorneys are aggressive litigators that represent clients facing all manner of criminal charges. They have earned themselves a reputation for being responsive to their clients, demonstrating integrity in the courtroom, and providing the insightful, hard-hitting defense their clients need after being arrested or charged with a criminal offense. The success of the firm stems not only from their extensive knowledge and experience with handling criminal defense cases, but from their aggressive approach and commitment to defending the freedom, rights and interests of their clients.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in the State of Georgia or charged with a criminal offense, you need to consult with a Atlanta criminal defense attorney immediately. Before you speak with anyone about your case, or your arrest, you need to contact the firm and speak to an attorney who will be able to review the circumstances surrounding your arrest, advise you of your rights, analyze the evidence against you, do further investigations into how the evidence was obtained, determine the best course of action to pursue, and provide you with the aggressive representation you deserve.

Contact us for a Free Consultation on your case so we can guide you through the process. Don’t go at it ALONE!

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