Georgia Sexual Battery Lawyers

Living in Georgia, you would be surprised how easy it is for you to be arrested for sexual battery. Like many, it’s probably your first run-in with the law and you feel scared, alone and completely confused.

What Does a Georgia Sexual Battery Mean?

The legal definition of sexual battery is when a person attempts to touch another person in a manner that is sexual in nature and is unwanted by that other person. Any type of rubbing, poking, fondling or groping can be considered a sexual gesture. But what makes sexual battery cases so complex is the subjectivity that surrounds them. For example, what one person may think is sexual someone else may not.

Let’s take an example of two coworkers. One day, Sally and John are talking in the office. They are having a playful argument when John puts his arm around Sally and hugs her closely. This makes Sally feel uncomfortable, but John thinks that they are still joking with each other. When Sally presses sexual battery charges against John, he is shocked and their friendship is over. Sally and John were at different comfort levels with each and John learns the hard way that their friendship was not as close as he had thought.

Sexual battery can be more serious in nature than the above example. It can be a forceful act of unwanted touching. In this case, the penalties may be more serious, especially if the person was injured during the incident.

Serious Penalties You Could be Facing

The State of Georgia does not look kindly on its sex offenders. If convicted of sexual battery, you could be incarcerated, placed on probation, ordered to pay an expensive fine and even register as a sex offender.

And outside of your legal troubles you’ll also be facing embarrassment within the community. Everywhere you go, the sexual battery charge on your criminal record will haunt you. Applying for a job is near impossible and your neighbors will not want to live next to you.

This is why it’s imperative that you contact a sexual battery attorney now!

Contact The Howard Law Group ASAP so we can start defending  your reputation.

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