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Did you  know that in Atlanta, it’s possible to be convicted of armed robbery even if you did not have a weapon? For example, if someone were to keep their hand in their jacket and cause someone to believe they have a weapon, then that person could be convicted of armed robbery. Armed robbery is a serious crime, and not just a misdemeanor, but a felony. You will need an Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer no question about it.

Armed robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat, with the use of a weapon. Due to the potential for harm caused to others, armed robbery is punished quite severely if found guilty in a court of law. When an individual uses a weapon in conjunction with a robbery – whether or not it is used – law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges may immediately assume that the individual intended to use that weapon. It is understood by law enforcement that the weapon would have been used should there have been a situation that arose which called for its use.

Penalties for armed robbery range drastically, and depend on the severity of the case. Depending on the circumstance, punishment for armed robbery can result in ten to 20 years of prison, life imprisonment, and even the death penalty. If you have a felony conviction anywhere in the United States, and are convicted of a felony in Georgia you will receive the maximum sentence. In addition, if you have three prior felony convictions from anywhere in the U.S. then you must serve the maximum sentence without the possibility of parole. If you are convicted of a violent armed robbery then you can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

For armed robbery charges to apply, it is critical to the prosecution that they establish that a weapon was intended to be used. As your defense attorney, we will work to show that any weapon you may have had in your possession was never intended for use. This allows us to seek to have the charges and penalties reduced. If you are caught carrying a firearm during the armed robbery, whether the firearm is loaded or not can have an effect on the outcome of your case.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Atlanta on Armed Robbery charges, contact our Atlanta Criminal Defense team ASAP. Don’t go at it ALONE.

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