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You would be surprised on how easy it is for people living in Atlanta to be charged with Battery. It happens more times than you can imagine. Yet, it can be devastating to your reputation and possibly effect your employment. Atlanta Battery Charges can carry some stiff Penalites. You will need a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Battery is a crime that is usually charged with assault. Where assault focuses on the attempt to cause harm, battery instead focuses on the physical harm inflicted. Battery is traditionally a misdemeanor charge although it can be escalated to a federal crime in certain situations. A Atlanta battery defense attorney can establish a viable defense against battery charges, even using the victims’ own offensive or abusive language to effectively justify some simple battery charges.

Georgia State law categorizes battery into three separate charges. Simple battery is the first, and encompasses intentional offensive or harmful contact. The aptly-named battery charge is reserved for individuals who intentionally cause substantial or visible harm to a victim. Both simple battery and battery are misdemeanors, and thus are punishable by up to one year in jail, although exceptions exist that may upgrade the penalty to a maximum of 5 years. Aggravated battery may be charged in cases where the accused is suspected of maliciously causing harm to another through rendering a body part useless, or by disfiguration. The penalty for this, the most serious battery charge allows a maximum of up to 20 years in prison.


A successful battery criminal defense will be able to effectively prove to the court that the battery was justified by offensive or abuse language by the victim. When this approach fails, efforts must be taken to show that the defendant in fact did not commit the crime, or that the case cannot be tried because of another reason such as a court error. Howard Law Group has built a solid reputation throughout Metro Atlanta for providing superior-level criminal defense to those who have been charged with all levels of battery. The firm has worked hard with clients to accrue many years of experience in winning cases by pursuing and achieving the most favorable result. The hard-working attorneys at Howard Law Group understand how critical a successful defense is in the face of battery charges, and they will pursue every legal means to see that their clients get the best outcome possible.

Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP and let us defend you. If you or someone you know has been arrested in Atlanta on a charge? DON”T go it ALONE, you will need battery defense lawyer if you have been charged with battery.

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